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Welcome Back Kotter! 
10:19pm 02/09/2004
  Hello one and hellllllo all. I now rule this community with an iron first and hope to make it rock the freakin' world upside down.

That was my lame intro.

Seriously though, I really liked the idea behind the doppelganger (Also, please notice my personal default icon is a tribute to the Great Brad) and was excited about this spin-off, though it never really, well, spun off so well. Me and a few peeps have some cool ideas and want to get this bid'ness cooking again with new contests and awesome fun for everyONE!! WHOOO! Please spread the word.

I don't plan on changing things much, except that I ask you post your submissions as comments to the contest post, rather than as new posts. At this point, winners will be determined by a panel of judges. If you think this is not a good idea, and winners should be judged in other manners (such as a public poll) speak up now as I am a very flexible young man.

For now, we're going to have a contest every two weeks, but if people participate in a timely manner, we may jack that up to a weekly contest. Awwwwww yeah! We may even get crazier somehow. I'll stop being lame now and get on with the first contest of the NEW ADMINISTRATION!!!

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06:35pm 06/05/2002
  No one has posted any contests or anything in here so can I throw something out at you guys?

This is not the actual bio thing here, and forgive me if I step on toes, but its been a nice change of seasons and summer is here and how about I throw out a theme and you all submit up to 3 icons for the theme, just to see what kind of icon people we have out here.

I know we have these monthly themes for photosig on photoSIG itself, and I love going out and shooting pictures related to the monthly theme.

So for the month of May lets try. . . HEAT.

Fire. Flames. Sun. Matches. Candles. Anger. Cooking. Find some way to convey heat in a 100x100 space. As long as its somewhat heat related (hey even a hot color, or a hot and steamy picture within reason), its game!

And if I am out of line by doing this, I'm sorry. I just dont want to see this place go to waste.

Winner gets my admiration!
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04:53am 04/02/2002
  Does anyone want to volunteer to maintain this community? Maybe you can do a better job than I have in promoting it, getting members, thinking up creative goppeldanger picture copying ideas, and getting them to actually submit pictures.  
Uh hi 
12:41am 26/10/2001
  Hi to the new members.

Do you think it's really worth having another contest ever again? If more than one person replies and says they'll enter the next contest, I'll make the next contest exist. If you say you will, and then don't,

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The hard contest ends tomorrow. Goppeldanger project ends shortly thereafter. 
02:00am 11/09/2001
mood: distressed
The hard contest ends tomorrow.
The easy contest ended a few days ago.

I thought this community was a good idea, but I've done everything I can to publicize it without annoying people too much, and even though we have interested members, virtually no one is submitting contest entries.

Our last contest was won by default, because there was only 1 person to submit anything at all.

This can't be any fun without participation, I kind of am considering giving up.
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We are the copygoats 
02:19am 07/09/2001
  We have two new icons.
Um, yay. I realized it was kinda silly being a community related to user pics, and not to have any ourselves.
01:32am 07/09/2001
  And still no entries, yet the contestends in less than a week....  
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03:30am 01/09/2001
  The hard contest will be over in 12 days! Scroll down on the goppeldanger journal to see the details of the contest I posted on august 12.
Get your submissions in soon! We don't care if you didn't work too hard on it or it sucks, JUSTENTER!!! You'll probably win since no one else is entering....
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It isn't Halloween yet? 
12:02am 23/08/2001
mood: accomplished
Oh, ok then!
I submitted some pics for the contest that were date sensitive so now I've picked some that are more appropriate, thanks to ibrad!
The topic is Funny Pictures!, I think? Here are the submissions, (These are submissions, right?)!
martmart    neko    chiron33

I have to pick a ending date for the contest also, So it will end on; Sept 6th! If that is two weeks from now, ok?
I hope I'm not forgetting anything!

Sea Ya!

P.S. Sorry for messing up and causing your submission to end up null and void jamminjj!
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Yet another announcement 
04:50pm 14/08/2001
  One picture has been removed from the hard contest (group pictures) below, so if you were working on that picture, please pick a new one. This removal was at the user's request.  
Additional announcement 
10:38pm 12/08/2001
  Justgoto also gets to help judge the winners of his own contest and my "hard" contest when the time comes, as part of his prize last time. You wanna have this privlege? Submit a picture and win the contest(s) then!

Other ideas for prizes to ensue. I'd buy people things for prizes, but I'm broke. If you have ideas, let us know.

Current ideas for contest prizes:
-privleges to judge and think up a new contest
-make people parody your own, your best friend, or your enemie's LJ pics
Contest 2b: Multi-person Pictures ... Difficulty Level: Hard? 
10:22pm 12/08/2001
  This is the hard part of contest 2. (The other part is what justgoto comes up with which will be finalized soon we hope).

This is the contest where you get your friends, family, or random strangers involved! Woo!

Below are five user pictures of current people on LJ. The theme is that each picture contains more than one person, in various poses or positions, heh. You must pick one picture below, and find or take a picture of actual humans in order to resemble that picture as best you can. You are permitted to use graphics software, but if it looks like you cut and pasted people from different photos into one, or anything else obviously fake, you ain't gonna win :) By the same token, if you're good at forging that kind of stuff, and the judges can't tell, well then, give it a try...





So what determines a winner? Your picture must resemble the picture you chose to copy as best you can -- given the people involved in the picture you take. For instance, if you use your five year old sister in place of a picture of an adult, you won't be counted out for your sister being smaller or youngerlooking or whatever -- but the harder you try to make the people in the pic resemble the original, the better chances you have.

Also of note: Most of these pictures could be considered "adult" in nature by conservative persons. FOR THIS CONTEST and any others we may need to give this rule to, DO NOT SUBMIT PICTURES THAT COULD BE ADULT IN NATURE AND FEATURE CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 18! If anyone in your picture is in an adult situation, pose, or not wearing enough clothing, and appears to be younger than 18, you will be reported to LJ abuse and other authorities. We do not tolerate child exploitation...I may sound like a prick, but hey. Yes, there are children in a couple of these pictures, but at my discretion, they are OK and safe pictures.

This contest will end in one month. So you have an OK amount of time to work on pictures.
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09:10pm 12/08/2001
  The pumpkin contest is NOT yet official, so don't start working on submissions yet. We might change it on you...  
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First Entry 
07:13pm 12/08/2001
  Here is my first goppeldanger of topfivebreakups

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Ok I got a new topic or whatever? 
05:34am 12/08/2001
  It is pumpkins! I know it is a little early for pumpkins but I can't find 3 of anything else, unless you want anime?
here they are!
Believe me, I looked hard!
Tell me if you want me to keep looking, cause if I find one more food userpics I will use food instead!
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02:17am 12/08/2001
  Yes, It's been ages since an update of any kind. It's time for a new contest, I know.

justgoto is our guest Contest Theme Picker this time around, he gets to do this as his prize for winning our first contest. He will be picking an easy theme, finding a set of a few user pictures for us to copy/parody in this theme, and posting an entry detailing the theme contest. Meanwhile, I have got a theme in the more or less "difficult" category for you. I'll wait to announce it and post pictures until justgoto is ready or after he posts his contest.

As usual do please submit at least one entry, no matter how lame or corny you think your image is, and tell your friends and people you think would be interested in this community and its contests to join and enter contests! And if you don't quite understand what this is all about there is nothing to be lost by just replying and asking.

Suggestions about FAQs and stuff to go in our goppeldanger userinfo/bio thing are also welcome, as I wrote the one we have currently kinda fast and late at night.
12:16am 24/07/2001
mood: busy
And the winner is... JUSTGOTO, in the category of "I submitted the only entry."
Your prize is picking the next "easy" theme for a contest. I will pick a difficult one after you pick your easy theme. Feel free to suggest users pictures to copy, with one limitation: You may not pick any of your own user pictures or user pictures you have designed. :)

Aside note, I am moving this week and won't be online for a few days, so there's plenty of time to think up something.

As always, tell your friends about this community! And SUBMIT ENTRIES DARN IT.
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First Contest ends soon 
08:02pm 16/07/2001
mood: disappointed
I will be selecting and announcing the contest winners for the makeup goppeldanger project contest in one week. Get your submissions in now. We currently have only had one person enter.
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03:28pm 01/07/2001
mood: groggy
You know, I think you should start posting your submissions in the community. That way everyoen can see them as they come up, on their friends list. Anyone who posted to a comment, feel free to repost a community entry. And get your friends to join the contest! This one's still going on, and will be until we get more submissions.
06:03pm 23/06/2001
mood: optimistic
Welcome to the new members. Feel free to ask something or post in the community or make suggestions or whatever. We're anxious for some activity :)

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