Kibbles (kibbles) wrote in goppeldanger,


No one has posted any contests or anything in here so can I throw something out at you guys?

This is not the actual bio thing here, and forgive me if I step on toes, but its been a nice change of seasons and summer is here and how about I throw out a theme and you all submit up to 3 icons for the theme, just to see what kind of icon people we have out here.

I know we have these monthly themes for photosig on photoSIG itself, and I love going out and shooting pictures related to the monthly theme.

So for the month of May lets try. . . HEAT.

Fire. Flames. Sun. Matches. Candles. Anger. Cooking. Find some way to convey heat in a 100x100 space. As long as its somewhat heat related (hey even a hot color, or a hot and steamy picture within reason), its game!

And if I am out of line by doing this, I'm sorry. I just dont want to see this place go to waste.

Winner gets my admiration!
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