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All Your Doppelganging Needs!

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We're taking the Doppelganger project (doppelganger) to the next level.

Main Entry: dop·pel·gäng·er
Variant(s): or dop·pel·gang·er /'dä-p&l-"ga[ng]-&r, -"ge[ng]-, "dä-p&l-'/
Function: noun
Etymology: German Doppelgänger, from doppel- double + -gänger goer
1 : a ghostly counterpart of a living person
2 a : DOUBLE 2a b : ALTER EGO b c : a person who has the same name as another

There will be multiple themed contests. We will post a few Livejournal users' user pictures, and ask you to do your best to re-create that icon on your own.

Since many user pictures aren't just boring old pictures of the user, sometimes it will be regular old pictures of people, sometimes cartoon characters or famous people, sometimes abstract art, sometimes animated wierdness, sometimies other stuff.

A separate set of rules for each theme will be posted with the contest announcements, to be followed for that contest's submissions.

Do I have to try make it look exactly like the original picture?

Not necessarily. Each contest will have its own theme, with its own set of rules. For example, if the theme is user icons that contain cartoon characters, the rules might be to take a PHOTOGRAPH of an actual human and try to make it look as much like the cartoon character as possible. Or, we might post a really crazy photo of a user, and ask for the artistically inclined people to make an artistic rendering (drawing, pic of a sculpture, whatever) of that photo as their contest entry.

How do I submit entries?

Just post your image in a comment to each contest announcement, and link to the picture as well. Your picture must fit LJ size and dimension requirements (currently no more than 100x100 pixels and 40 kilobytes in size). If you don't have web space to put pictures or don't know how to link to an image, contact the community administrators, look in the Livejournal FAQs, or ask in LJ support forums, they deal with this question a lot.

What if you want us to copy a user picture that contains a naked person?

We probably won't be posting blatant porn here, but perhaps some users have artistic nude user pictures. Use discretion, follow the posted rules, and if you are under the age of 18 and submit a picture that we deem adult in nature (we will check the journal of all participants of this type, if any ever), your submission will be rejected and removed.

Do you have to be into photography to join?
No. You can suck balls at photography. You can take your own photos, good or bad, or you can find other photos on the 'net that might work (but that might be more difficult).

Aren't you blatantly ripping off of Brad's great Doppelganger project idea?

Well, yeah...kinda. But a lot of people really liked it and had fun, and I thought it was fun while it was active, but it doesn't look like it'll be back for a while, and we think our contests might be MORE FUN :)

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