Double J (jamminjj) wrote in goppeldanger,
Double J

Welcome Back Kotter!

Hello one and hellllllo all. I now rule this community with an iron first and hope to make it rock the freakin' world upside down.

That was my lame intro.

Seriously though, I really liked the idea behind the doppelganger (Also, please notice my personal default icon is a tribute to the Great Brad) and was excited about this spin-off, though it never really, well, spun off so well. Me and a few peeps have some cool ideas and want to get this bid'ness cooking again with new contests and awesome fun for everyONE!! WHOOO! Please spread the word.

I don't plan on changing things much, except that I ask you post your submissions as comments to the contest post, rather than as new posts. At this point, winners will be determined by a panel of judges. If you think this is not a good idea, and winners should be judged in other manners (such as a public poll) speak up now as I am a very flexible young man.

For now, we're going to have a contest every two weeks, but if people participate in a timely manner, we may jack that up to a weekly contest. Awwwwww yeah! We may even get crazier somehow. I'll stop being lame now and get on with the first contest of the NEW ADMINISTRATION!!!

(Icon by the way of _diamondicons).

Do your best to make a doppelganger of this icon (or rather, imitate this sucker). Feel free to get creative. Use photography or art or any representation you think COULD be interesting. There will be an award for Best Mimic which requires a photograph and Most Creative (aka KICK ASS!) which doesn't have any specific requirements except creativity. Each account may enter up to three icons.

Due Date: September 16, 2004, bitches.
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so jj
are you going to revive this awesome idea of a community?
if I could find people who would actually do it. My sister and I tried and couldn't find people who would actually submit any.